Our Sponsors


To further trade relations between Swiss and South African Companies. To assist in the development of industry and commerce within the business community.


To promote, encourage and represent the business interests of members. To help SME’s develop their contacts with the larger Corporations.


To collect and disseminate information relating to corporate social responsibility community involvement and the practice of commerce and industry.


  • Introductions and referrals to potential business partners.
  • Assistance with focused research in regard to location, partners, suppliers and customers. Market overview and specific sectorial information.
  • Assistance with regard to rules and regulations concerning technical specifications and/or import formalities etc.
  • Providing a framework and network for referrals thus assist as a “one stop shop” at the planning stage of an enterprise, or at the changing stage of an established enterprise.
  • We are able to assist with setting up, as well as advise on corporate citizenship programmes.
  • SwissCham with its neutrality, can assist in underlining such efforts through programmes such as SSACI (Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative). Advise on Black Empowerment, and/or such other programmes.
  • Luncheon and dinner meetings with leading speakers from industry, government and opinion leaders as an excellent networking and communication platform.


To be negotiated, as per individual needs

Assistance or active support in the areas of promotion and marketing of products and services.

Facilitating of business plans, marketing concepts and strategies.

Providing advice on the formation of companies or subsidiaries.

Procurement of custom tailored legal or tax advise, etc.